If you are choosing a trimmer, you can consider the Kemei brand, which supports various types of hairstyles, such as cut, comb, high top fade, buzz, puffy, quaff, round head, mohawk Hairstyle etc.

Kemei hair clippers provide high-quality and low-priced products, and have a large number of fans in many countries around the world.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 popular Kemei hairdressing machines on the market.

1. KEMEI Men’s Electric and Cordless Hair Clipper, Trimmer & Cutting Machine (Model: KM-2850)

This electric and cordless hair clipper has very good performance and it is suitable for professional use. It can provide the functions and facilities required by hairdressing experts. If you have high requirements for hair clippers, you can consider it.

This product is durable and very suitable. It can be charged extremely fast without affecting performance.

Major Features:

Durable, and sharp anti-friction professional clippers

Powerful rechargeable batteries

Adjustable blades availed to use with different combs

Titanium alloy fixed blade and Ceramic movable blade

Low Noise built, less than 60 decibels

Direct Drive Motor for powerful and precise cutting

Four lengths Limit Combs


The noise of this hair clipper is less than 60 decibels, which is very quiet.

It provides 4 lengths of limit combs and is equipped with rechargeable batteries.

There are ceramic movable blades to increase flexibility, while titanium allows the blades to be precisely machined in a professional dressing style.


Although the battery is rechargeable, it may not work continuously for a long time.

Removable blades may affect their work efficiency after being widely used.

2. Kemei Cordless Men’s Hair Clippers, Trimmer Clippers for Barbers & Stylists (Model: KM-1986)

This is a retro-designed Kemei Clipper, which is very efficient and comfortable. It is the favorite of hairdressers.

This hair clipper also provides a complete set of traditional blades, which is very attractive.

Major Features:

Complete set of traditional blades

300-minute run time with continuous use

Taper level can change the gap between guide comb lengths

Everything you need a kit with 12 accessories

USB Charging cable for rechargeable battery

Suitable for children

Red Blade Guard for safety


The rechargeable battery with 300-minute battery life, which also comes with the USB Cable.

With the Red Blade Guard, this product is suitable for kids as well.

It is an excellent product for professional use by barbers and stylists.


The USB Charger cord is not standard, making it difficult to find an alternative in case of an emergency.

It is necessary to remember that cleaning the blades with oil is a better option rather than water.

3. Kemei Professional Men’s Cordless T-Outliner Hair Trimmer & Cutting Machine with T-Blade (Model: KM-1949)

This product is a limited edition professional Komei hair clipper. Kemei hair clipper provides haircut and beauty, first-class, professional performance. The product has an ergonomic structure that can be used for a long time and conveniently.

Major Features:

Usable with and without cord

High quality 1400 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery

120 minutes running time without pause

Powerful low noise motor

Close cutting, carbon T-blade for detailed grooming


The powerful motors emit low noise.

This hair clipper comes with close cutting T-blades, which are great for detailing and removal of thick hairs.

It can be used with or without cord.


The run time of 120 minutes without pause proves to be a drawback for the excellent quality of this hair clipper, but it can be used with the cord connected to it.

4. KEMEI Men’s Rechargeable & Cordless Hair Cutting Machine & Trimmer for Professional Stylists (Model: KM-1990)

This Komei men’s hair clipper and trimmer is equipped with a rechargeable battery and can be used without a power cord.

It is an excellent product for professional stylists and those who have the ability to use hair clippers.

With this product, you can trim the stubble or comb the hair that grows out. It provides precise and professional cutting.

In addition, the product can also be safely used for pets, and appropriate care and preventive measures should be taken.

Major Features:

It can run on a full charge for 2 hours without stopping

This product is safe to use on pets

The hair clipper is rechargeable and runs cordless

Powerful motor with a long life

Movable cut-angle blades for precise cutting

Digitalized smart energy display


It is safe for pets with proper caretaking and precautions.

The display provides digitalized smart energy which helps you accommodate better to the hair clipper.

The battery is rechargeable; thus, the product can run cordless.

The motor inside the device is long-lasting.

Movable cut-angle blades provide trimming with precision and efficiency.


The run time of 2 hours is low because grooming sometimes takes a lot of time.

5. KEMEI Men’s Cordless Hair Cutting, Trimming & Clipping Machine, Stainless Steel (Model: KM-666)

This Kemei Cordless Haircutting Machine is perfect for quick grooming and trimming. The complete set of easy cutting blades and the stainless steel hair trimmer make grooming efficient and convenient. This product is extremely portable because of its compact size – and, therefore, a great tool while traveling. Get a smooth haircut with the three reinforced cutting guards.

Major Features:

Three reinforced cutting guards

Compact Travel Size

Stainless Steel for long-lasting durability

Battery-powered cordless functionality

A complete set of Secure-Fit guide combs for grooming

Ideal for stubble, sideburns, facial hair and necklines


This product is an ideal addition to your travel pack because of its compatible size, and minimum but efficient specifications.

It is perfect for sideburns, necklines, stubble, and facial hair.

There are three reinforced cutting guards for smooth cutting.

It is powered by a battery and can be used without a cord connected to it.


This Kemei Hair Clipper should not be used for grown hair or an extended period at one go.

It is compact, and therefore, it cannot shave a head full of hair – without taking a reasonable amount of time and draining the majority of the battery.

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  1. I lost my Kemei Professional hair clipper – Model KM-1986-AMZ CHARGER CORD. I tried to buy one from Amazon and they sent me the wrong charger cord. I am reaching out to you to ask if you could send me a charger cord for the model that described.

    My phone # is – 1-720-232-6890

    My address:
    2190 West 35th Avenue
    Denver, CO 80211

    Thank you

  2. are ALL rechargable hair cutters such a small size . i recently bought your Kemei Professional Men’s Cordless T-Outliner Hair Trimmer & Cutting Machine with T-Blade (Model: KM-1949) from amazon & it looks like a toy ? . ive yet to get the 1 year guarantee that came with it ? .

  3. i bought the KEMEI Men’s Rechargeable & Cordless Hair Cutting Machine & Trimmer for Professional Stylists (Model: KM-1990) from amazon & i use the flat blade when i cut my hair . i gave me the closes cut iv,e ever had . good hair cutters .

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